So Long,
and Thanks for All the Fish

After over a decade operating in its various forms, Unspace has lovingly decided to call it a day.

2015 has been generous year to our small team — one filled with some amazing clients, interesting technical and design challenges, financial reward, and meaningful connections within our community.

It’s also been a year where we’ve had to acknowledge that we have reached the ideal of what we can achieve as a consulting firm in our current configuration, and — more importantly — that we don’t wish to transform the organization into something larger.

As with most things that bring joy, the kind we experience within the confines our our tight-knit company are particularly problematic to scale — especially when faced with impending remote-working realities — so we’re opting to go the “love you and leave you” route instead.

I have a distinct loathing for the cloying expository exit — the successes and failures of a long-running consultancy are not particularly interesting or unique, and most are wise to the fact that Unspace’s strengths were a mixture of strong bonds, evolving senior talent, sociability, serendipity and scotch tape.

Since I’m tasked with being the messenger, I choose to exit with three notes to those who matter:

To Our Clients:

While we’ve already had our heartfelt conversations and started mapping out our transitions to year-end in person, our gratitude runs deeper than you know.

Thank you for your trust and the learning opportunities you’ve afforded us: many of you will be working with members of our team for the rest of 2015 and beyond, some of you are cemented as forever friends, and some we say farewell to while wishing you continued success.

An honourable mention goes out to our friend Venu Keesari, and the current team lead by Sean Cruse at the United Nations Global Compact — it’s been an incredibly rewarding adventure working with you all, and we can’t thank you enough for your continued belief in us.

Finally, a very special thank-you goes out to Mark and the brilliant team at LookbookHQ — along with being a model client and partner that continually presents us with exciting challenges, they have also been steadfast in their mentoring and unwavering support of Unspace — I sincerely can’t thank you enough.

To the “Community”:

I reckon some of you may be wringing your hands, wondering what you’ll replace the 1st Thursday or 3rd Monday of the month with, but EmberTO and RPN will continue as per usual. Pete Forde has always been our co-conspirator on the Rails Pub Night front, and Mattia Gheda is your new benevolent dictator for all things related to Toronto Ember.

Our conferences, meetups and other one-off developer festivities have always served as Unspace’s auxiliary passion, and we’ve made so many brilliant friends (not to mention meeting the majority of our brilliant staff) directly through our events.

Special thanks goes out to all the people who have helped facilitate these events over the years, sponsored, volunteered, co-promoted, let us stink up their venues, or simply been a near-constant and friendly presence at each of our gatherings — we sincerely love y’all.

Here’s the final itinerary of upcoming Unspace-hosted events where the whole crew will be present. Again, monthlies will keep on truckin’ in our absence!

To the Team:

I am so thankful and humbled to have worked alongside all you Unspacers — partners, developers, designers, and support staff making up a rough legion of 30 — over the past decade.

The last year has been particularly magical — aside from validation weighed in milestones and ledgers, I feel like this was the year we hit our peak in collaborating as friends and professionals, which makes writing this particularly bittersweet.

Alongside helping our clients transition for the next few months the gang are going to be quite busy as they plot out each of their respective adventures:

Our quiet champion Ben Moss is off to run his own mobile and web development consultancy — some of our existing clients are the first indoctrinations to his roster, and I wager that you will be unable to locate a higher-calibre Android and Rails developer in the GTA.

Our immensely talented designer Jorge Villalobos will be creating beautiful and useable things for his own pool of clients, only after migrating south of the border to begin a new chapter with his lovely wife.

Our newest developer talent, Jordan Yee, will be working with transitioning clients and scouring the Rails badlands for exciting new opportunities.

Eric Taylor and Adi Segal, our huggable admin team, have bigger fish to fry outside of Unspace — Adi is off to run a tight ship for another company to be announced in the next few weeks, and Eric is already immersed full-time as a location sound recordist for film and television.

Mattia Gheda, my partner in Unspace crime, is taking the next few months to lend his expertise to our client roster, while contributing to side projects he loves before deciding his next move and making another team incalculably lucky.

Special mention goes to Carsten Nielsen, who only recently departed from our team for a rewarding new gig at CrowdMark — we love ya, and we’re sure you’ll find a new office fridge to steal from.

As for me (Meghann), I’m off to spread my breed of organized chaos over the great state of Texas, and reflect on what an immense privilege it has been to call such a talented group of people my co-workers and friends.

This is where we sign off, but you will definitely see us around — thanks again for all the support and wonderful memories

Meghann + The Unspace Team