The Saturday Symposium

Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

Training Workshop

$250, includes admission to afternoon symposium

The runloop remains one of the most mysterious features of Ember.js. Common misconceptions include the runloop being something that is always running in the background and the runloop being a tool for scheduling asynchronous work.

In this workshop, we will build a runloop from scratch in a use-case and test-driven manner. We will explore fundamental concepts of JavaScript and the particulars of how a runloop is implemented. You will gain a solid understanding of why Ember provides this feature, and how your applications can best leverage it.




Included in morning workshop, $25 if purchased separately

While we've already got great conferences like Tilde's EmberConf to look forward to in 2015, we wanted to cap off the year by giving the denizens of Toronto an afternoon of talks to chew on by premiere Emberists, both from our fair city and the NYC circuit.

Starting at 1pm, followed by a cocktail hour at 5pm in the ballroom.


  • Matthew Beale

    Scalable Vector Ember

    Ember.js 1.8 brings first-class SVG support to the framework. Let's see how to build and animate SVG graphics in Ember without using a 3rd party charting library, and walk through how Ember supports DOM namespaces.

  • Cory Forsyth

    Test-Driving Ember for Fun and Profit

    Ember Testing Helpers and Ember Test patterns.

  • Luke Galea

    Ember-Data Polymorphic Associations

    Explain real world use-cases for polymorphic associations and how we've been using them to build a dynamic form engine (similar to Wufoo). Discuss how to wire up Polymorphic Associations in your application and the requirements for your API, with specific examples for Rails (ActiveModelSerializer). Discussion of known bugs and pitfalls and how to avoid them.

  • Stefan Penner

    The Future of Ember

  • Isaac Ezer

    Internationalizing Ember Applications

    Making the most out of Ember and other useful JS libraries to seamlessly support different languages and cultures. Plus a short demo of, an online studio space built in Ember and live in English and Japanese.

  • Robin Ward

    Building 10 Foot Interfaces in Ember

    Lots of people are using Ember for web apps, but how well would it work if you wanted to build an application that runs on a TV? This talk examines using Ember for building an application that is meant to run on a TV screen.

Registering for the morning workshop already entitles you admission to the afternoon festivities.


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