RPN (Rails Pub Nite)

A social event that happens every third Monday of every month, except December, from 7-11PM at The Rhino. There are no technical demonstrations at Pub Nite. Learn more

RPN is free of cost and everyone interested in web development is encouraged to join us for a pint. Please note that this is a social event, not a user group. There are no technical demonstrations at Pub Nite.

If you are a recruiter or hiring for your start-up, you are free to climb up on a chair and pitch the crowd of 40–50 developers for two minutes. You are then obligated to buy everyone a round of drinks in return.

Toronto Ember.js

A user group that goes down on the first Thursday of every month, except December. We’re a merry and nomadic gang, so check out the website and join the mailing list to stay afloat on upcoming locations and talks.

Special Events

Herein you’ll find events that we’ve orchestrated in the past, or throw on an irregular basis. We’ll be sure to move these to the top of the page when they’re active!

Where We’ve Been