July 9-12, 2009, Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto, Canada

People who program in Ruby aren’t like other coders

We are the artists, philosophers, and troublemakers. We realize that the fringe of today is the mainstream of tomorrow. We grease the engines of progress, even when we're working outside of the machine.

FutureRuby isn't a Ruby conference, but a conference for Rubyists. This is a call to order - a congress of the curious characters that drew us to this community in the first place. We have a singular opportunity to express a long-term vision, a future where Ruby drives creativity and prosperity without being dampened by partisan politics.


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For Media inquiries, contact:
Pete Forde, Curator

For all else, contact:
Meghann Millard, Conference Director

Or just call in the army: info@futureruby.com

Sponsorship: When it comes to sponsors, FutureRuby is committed to only working with cool companies that we consider amongst out friends and who understand that wrapping their corporate branding around torso’s isn’t the shortest path to our eternal hearts.

For more info and creative supporter opportunities, contact meghann@unspace.ca