July 9-12, 2009, Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto, Canada

People who program in Ruby aren’t like other coders

We are the artists, philosophers, and troublemakers. We realize that the fringe of today is the mainstream of tomorrow. We grease the engines of progress, even when we're working outside of the machine.

FutureRuby isn't a Ruby conference, but a conference for Rubyists. This is a call to order - a congress of the curious characters that drew us to this community in the first place. We have a singular opportunity to express a long-term vision, a future where Ruby drives creativity and prosperity without being dampened by partisan politics.



Thursday July 9th, 6pm
Queen City Yacht ClubAlgonquin Island (Toronto Islands)

NOTE: You must register for FAILcamp (for free) separate from your FutureRuby registration. Do it!

The Lowdown:

“If you want to succeed, fail faster” is a notion embraced by some of
the most successful people of our time, and it’s been getting a lot of
attention from people who are fans of agile, iterative development.
And while we all fail sooner or later, our culture encourages us to
sweep these failures under the carpet lest we be publicly shamed for
our ineptitude.

Sometimes the saccharine sweetness of the hyper-positivist Web 2.0
space can start to bring you down, and that’s where FAILCamp — a
lighthearted environment where self-help and stand-up converge — gives
us the opportunity to celebrate and learn from our personal stories of

To err is human, and thanks to an overly-litigious and gossip-fueled
status quo, FAILCamp might be the only way these modern folkloric gems
can see the light of day.

The Offerings:

This is a free event presented by Unspace & FutureRuby. We made 150 tickets available to the general public, with an unlimited number available to FutureRuby attendees.

The admission includes a free ferry ride to and from the docks to Algonquin Island on the yacht club’s private ferry starting at 6pm. Expect some free eats, giveaways, awesome tunes, perfect scenery, and a cash bar. Visit: Eventbrite to register and gather all the logistical details.

The Unspace HQ Commencement Party

Friday, July 10th – 7pm
Unspace HQ342 Queen Street West, Toronto

The Lowdown:

We are actively challenging FutureRuby attendees to consider why they
have come, and what they hope to leave with. Every story has a
beginning, and it’s up to you to establish a context for your goals
over the weekend. The Unspace World HQ — in the heart of Queen Street
West, Toronto’s hipster-consumerist mecca and ground-zero of the
Spadina tech grotto explosion — opens its doors to provide the
backdrop for the beginnings of a new revolution.

If we’re lucky July 10th will not be a dark and stormy night… as
that would directly interfere with your enjoyment of our remarkable
space, including a two-story roof patio with a dramatic and
unparalleled vista of the Toronto skyline. (And if it does rain, the
hottest hackers will all get wet together.)

The Offerings:

After gathering your badge at pre-reg like a keener, come join your fellow FutureRubyists for some haute light eats, open bar, DJ’s, live art, and fresh air.

Benevolent reminder: you have to be up freaking early the next morning.

The Pravda Gala

Saturday, July 11th – 6:30pm
Pravda Vodka Bar44 Wellington Street East, Toronto

The Lowdown:

Geeks have been denigrated since long before WarGames burned images of
4-bit terrorism into the minds of old ladies the world over. Many
folks still interpret “geek” as a pejorative, even in these heady,
post-Matrix times. We think that’s sad! Geeks the best chance the
future has for saving the world: our defense of free culture, free
expression, and hell, freedom is truly an extrapolation of H.G. Wells’
Morlocks. We control the infrastructure of our society, and we are a
class that will grow in power as our own self-realization progresses
towards whatever singularity The Kurzweil Spaghetti Monster has in
store for us.

We invite you to celebrate our nerd-comeuppance with pomp (and if
we’re lucky, circumstance) for a grand night at the wonderful,
Commie-themed Pravda lounge. It’s located in one of the most
picaresque blocks of Old Toronto, in direct proximity to architectural
landmarks such as the Flatiron building. What better tribute to both
the glorious future of Ruby AND the nostalgic past of Mother Russia?

The Offerings:

Get ready to dine Czar-style (carni’s and herbi’s welcome) on a fully catered dinner, followed by international tapas. Arm yourselves with comped drinks derived from top-shelf vodka, dished out by Pravda’s awesome staff. They’ll be kitted out in full soviet military regalia as a sign of FR solidarity.

We’re also curating a worthy crop of DJ’s and visuals, and Pravda has promised some surprise performers. Be prepared to mug for the jail-cum-photobooth located in the basement.

Remember, this is a gala: come dressed in festal pomp – whatever that means to you.

The Augusta Bloc Party

Sunday, July 12th – 7pm
The Boat & HotShot Gallery158 & 181 Augusta (North of Dundas)

The Lowdown:

While all good things must come to an end, we intend to see this one
out with a bang. Instead of trying to suit all tastes with one event,
we’ve taken over a large part of a street in Kensington Market —
considered to be the most multi-cultural center in the world — with
simultaneous concerts, art and experimentation, a HackFest, and even a
light show. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that geeks don’t know how
to throw a good party.

The Offerings:

We’re still tinkering to ensure that this is the most rad closing party in the history of Rubykind.

That said, we’ll be throwing down a series of live performances at The Boat, which will be decked out (pun intended) in Russian Navy theme. Nestled in the disco pirate ship will be plenty of sweeties lovingly crafted and doled out by Courses Toronto, and drinks slung by the lovely venue staff. Season generously with the usual giveaways and surprises you’ll be taking for granted by the end of your FutureRuby experience.

Band and DJ roster to be announced very soon.

Meanwhile, you can wander across the street to HotShot Gallery for the second annual HackFest. The party at the front will feature robot-friendly art and multimedia installations, more tasty food and drink-slingers, and an open espresso bar to keep you perky as a lemming until 2am rolls around. You can also give your eardrums a rest of their cozy streetside patio.

At the back we’ve carved out a nice little cove and plenty of seating for a good old fashioned hackathon. Grab a brownie and an irish coffee on us, enjoy some light tunes and unlimited wifi, and hash out those creative projects you conceived during your whirlwind weekend.

More additions to the Augusta Bloc Party coming soon.