July 9-12, 2009, Metropolitan Hotel, Toronto, Canada

People who program in Ruby aren’t like other coders

We are the artists, philosophers, and troublemakers. We realize that the fringe of today is the mainstream of tomorrow. We grease the engines of progress, even when we're working outside of the machine.

FutureRuby isn't a Ruby conference, but a conference for Rubyists. This is a call to order - a congress of the curious characters that drew us to this community in the first place. We have a singular opportunity to express a long-term vision, a future where Ruby drives creativity and prosperity without being dampened by partisan politics.


Adam Blum

Adam BlumAdam Blum is CEO of Rhomobile, the open mobile framework company. He is a longtime founder/CTO/VP of Engineering of several successful startups in the web services and mobile spaces (Commerce One, Systinet, Good, Mobio). He is also an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University and advisor to several other software companies.

Giles Bowkett

Giles BowkettGiles Bowkett is a champion kickboxer and competiton tango dancer. He sells drugs on the Internet and has amazing abs.http://www.gilesbowkett.com

Austin Che

Austin CheAustin received his computer science PhD from MIT but is now more interested in programming carbon-based systems than programming silicon-based systems. His vision is to make biological engineering as easy as computer engineering. He has been heavily involved in the emerging field of synthetic biology.

He co-organized Synthetic Biology 1.0, the first international conference in synthetic biology in 2004, and wrote the first registry for standard biological parts. Austin recently founded a synthetic biology company, Ginkgo BioWorks, focused on tools to enable the rapid engineering of biological systems. He also is a founder of OpenWetWare, a wiki promoting open science and collaboration for life science researchers.

Paul Dowman

Paul DowmanPaul Dowman has been developing web-based software professionally since Netscape 1.1. He has worked for big companies and start-ups, made many open-source contributions including EC2 on Rails, and for the last two years has led the development of GigPark.

Rob Ellis

robRob Ellis is a software developer at Nitobi Inc. As one of the PhoneGap creators, Rob is focused on trying to make mobile device application development easy and open. At Nitobi, Rob is part of a team that makes web applications easier to use by building software that allows both developers and end-users be more effective.

Jonathan Dahl

jonathan dahlJonathan Dahl is a developer and entrepreneur who has made a living from Ruby on Rails since 2005. His projects include FlixCloud (http://flixcloud.com), a distributed video transcoding service partnered with On2 Technologies; Tumblon (http://tumblon.com), a site that provides parents with interactive developmental information for their children; and a few dozen consulting gigs. He has spoken at tech conferences on everything from Ruby to MapReduce to Aristotle, and he blogs at http://railspikes.com.

Damen Evans

Damen Evans began his adult life pursuing a career in film, however he
soon discovered that his true passions were technology, and making
things move. He was involved in the T3 personal mobility solution for
the company T3Motion, to help build one of the leading electric
personal transporters. He has also converted full-sized cars to run on
electricity with his friend, the Reverend Gadget, at Left Coast
Electric, for celebrities like Tommy Chong. Working on flying_robot is
his first contribution to the open source community. Damen is
currently a software project manager at entertainment startup

Ron Evans

Ron Evans is a software developer, contributor to several open source
projects, occasional author and speaker, and iconoclast. For the last
few years, Ron has been a Ruby fanatic, and his blog “Dead Programmer
Society” has been the venue for his programming obsessions. In
addition to creating the flying_robot project for Unmanned Aerial
Vehicles, he is involved with a number of other open source projects,
including his own “Frankie”, which allows easy creation of Facebook
apps using Sinatra, as well as “PoolParty” a auto-scaling and
deployment solution for cloud computing, now sponsored by AT&T. Ron is
currently CTO for entertainment startup Talentboom, as well as
co-founder of the parental filtering company littleye.

Misha Glouberman

Misha GloubermanMisha Glouberman is a performer, artist, and facilitator based in Toronto. He is the host of the Trampoline Hall lectures, a series where people speak on subjects outside their fields of professional expertise. He also runs the “Terrible Noises for Beautiful People” series, where non-musicians make improvised sounds together. He can be found online at www.mishaglouberman.com

Ilya Grigorik

iilya gIlya Grigorik is the founder of AideRSS – a real-time social media engagement monitoring and analytics platform.

He has been wrangling with Ruby and cloud computing for over four years, trying to make sense of it all. In the process, he has contributed to numerous open source projects, blogged about his discoveries (blog: www.igvita.com, twitter: @igrigorik) and as of late, has been an active speaker in the Ruby, Social Media and Cloud Computing communities.

Jesse Hirsh

Jesse HirshJesse Hirsh is an internet strategist, researcher, and broadcaster based in Toronto, Canada. He has a weekly column on CBC radio and regularly appears on CBC Newsworld explaining and analyzing the latest trends and developments in technology using language and examples that are meaningful and relevant to everyday life.

For two years, he was the host of an interfaith show on the Rogers and OMNI networks called 3D Dialogue. That show explored all the world’s religions and spiritual paths through interviews with practitioners, gurus, holy people, and cynics regarding their rituals, scriptures, and beliefs (or lack thereof).

He owns and operates the consulting firm Openflows Networks Ltd., which specializes in using open source intelligence to develop internet strategies. Primarily, this involves researching and deploying advanced platforms and interactive campaigns for companies and organizations, both large and small.

Educated at the McLuhan Program at the University of Toronto, his passion is educating people on the potential benefits and perils of technology.

Molly Holzschlag

MollyHaving achieved a modicum of balance after her midlife crisis, Molly decided to finally get a job. She is now a Web Evangelist focusing on developer relations for the upstart Norwegian browser company, Opera Software. Earlier in life, Molly avoided a regular job including those silly start-up ventures and chose instead to write a lot of books and articles and stuff on Web standards, and talk a lot about them, too. She now avoids the former, while the latter is an ongoing inevitability. To learn more about Molly and her evangelical work, you can check out her blog at http://molly.com/ or interact with her on Twitter @mollydotcom. Better yet, come have a chat F2F at FutureRuby 2009!

Matthew Knox

Anita Kuno

anita-kunoAnita has studied Anatomy, Physiology, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Photography, Cinematography, Yoga, Tai Chi, Theatre, Pottery, Acrylics and Programming. She has pieces of paper with her name on them and a seal (also in Latin).

Brian LeRoux

Brian LeRouxBrian LeRoux is experienced in developing web applications from concept through to creation. Formerly a consultant, sporting more acronyms than a bowl of alphabet soup, Brian has since embraced simplicity and user experience as the hallmarks of exceptional software.
Brian is currently a software architect at Nitobi Inc., a leader in user experience and all things Ajax. He is a regular participant in software events and a ‘founding father’ of the Vancouver Ajax and Beer Meet. He travels extensively teaching and learning about open source technologies.

Collin Miller

collin millerA self-described “home-school-drop-out” from south-east Iowa. Collin Miller believes in the bounty of invention and solutions for promise delivery*. When not using a computer Collin enjoys riding bicycles and Improvisational acting. Collin says, “Let’s all have a great time at this rocking conference. With people like us, the future doesn’t stand a chance!”

*Not really.

Foy Savas

Like numerous other college students at the time, Foy Savas was busy writing an email-and-domain verified social network in 2002, only to gave it up to save his temporarily dismal Chem grade. Regretful to this day, Foy continues to question the value of his education and everything else people say is the best way of doing things. Sour grapes aside, Foy is the author of _The Merb Way_, a contributor to numerous open source projects, and the director of Assembly consulting. His goal in speaking at FutureRuby is to get people to take up crack. Srsly. http://www.foysavas.com

Nathaniel Talbott

nathaniel talbottNathaniel got into Ruby in 2001 in hopes that it would be the future. Ruby has since exploded, giving him a paid excuse to never touch Java code again, and he couldn’t be happier. In the meantime he’s founded Terralien, instigated Spreedly, and learned a lot of lessons about how to actively build the future, rather than just living it.

Francisco Tolmasky

Brock Whitten

Brock WhittenBrock Whitten is a creator of the open source PhoneGap project. Brock is passionate about community driven projects and cares about enriching the software ecosystem. Brock is a software developer at Nitobi Inc. He speaks regularly at conferences and is an advocate of open web standards.

Joseph Wilk

joseph wilkJoseph Wilk is as a member of the core development team for Cucumber along with Aslak Hellesøy. He has been developing for the web for the last 10 years in both big and small companies and as an entrepreneur. After graduating from Imperial College London with first class honours he had stints working with Java and Python and a whole host of web frameworks until he finally found Ruby. He now spends his time having more fun than is healthy working as a Software Gardener building web systems and working on open source projects. He suffers from test obsession and is currently seeking treatment.

Dr Nic Williams

Nic WilliamsDr Nic Williams is not only a real doctor but is really called Nic. Well, technically he has a PhD and his first name is Nicholas. The GitHub Badge on his blog says he has over 90 public repositories, one which is the GitHub Badge itself.He’s the sort of person who thinks the previous sentence is vaguely amusing.

For the last three years, Dr Nic has lived and worked in India, Sweden,Netherlands and Australia. He has worked for telcos, for several startup web companies and is now CEO/Founder of Mocra (http://mocra.com), the premier Rails/iPhone consultancy. For the next 37 years he will do a lot more of the same. With less travel.

He tweets at http://twitter.com/drnic and blogs at http://drnicwilliams.com.The former are very short and the latter are very long.