Since 2004 we’ve been carefully refining our process to ensure that our approach is consistently transparent and straight-forward for our clients. We’re at our best when we’re breaking new ground with proven technologies, building thoughtfully designed and implemented software that best serves your needs to drive your business forward.

Our iterative approach to software development has helped businesses of all types solve hard problems — from startups to internationally recognized organizations — by refining them into manageable iterations.


Specifications are the foundation of your application, not the blueprint.

Intuitive and elegant software is born from an intimate understanding of what problems the software is trying to solve. Phase one of our process starts by meeting with you to determine mutual fit, learning about your project in-depth, and educating you on Unspace’s best practices and proficiencies.

After our first meetings have been conducted, Unspace carefully identifies and researches points of interest, as well as challenges that require further detail, context, or investigation. With those requirements gathered, the architectural blueprint is complete — you receive a report of the deliverable solutions with estimated timelines and associated costs.


Our development and design process is comprised of thoughtful, timely and transparent iterations you can follow each step of the way.

We employ best practices to build software in iterations. A fundamental example of this is during project bootstrapping, wherein development and server environments are provisioned and accounts are set-up. We work diligently to automate aspects of the bootstrapping phase in order to eliminate unnecessary utilization of resources, ensuring that your budget is put to use where it matters most.


Maintenance isn’t about squashing bugs — we ensure your product remains both reliable and fresh.

We view our client relationship as a long-term partnership and consider a finished piece of well-designed software a new chapter in this relationship. Unspace takes pride in delivering maintainable platforms; we devote the necessary time to ensure that you and your respective team have all of the appropriate education and support required. When it comes time for maintenance or carefully considered changes in direction, we are accessible to you to ensure that your application continues to thrive.