July 18-20, 2008
Toronto, Canada

RubyFringe is now sold out! Thanks to everyone who has registered to join us.

Companion tickets are also sold out.

RubyFringe is an avant-garde conference for developers that are excited about emerging Ruby projects and technologies. We're mounting a unique and eccentric gathering of the people and projects that are driving things forward in our community.

Us: The Sex Pistols
Them: Kenny G

We are the RubyFringe.

RubyFringe is a single-track indie conference with no paid technical sponsors and a target attendance of 150.

Check out our amazing speakers.

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John runs Ruby off the rails, Luke tells us why testing is overrated, and Zed brings the porn. Check it out!

We've launched a 'Talks' page, which will be updated with digest abstracts until the final schedule is posted. Many of the speakers are actively soliciting talk subject proposals; this is your chance to see Obie Fernandez cook a squirrel 'Wok With Yan' style, or convince Zed Shaw to have us rent Sumo suits for a battle royale. We're up for just about anything that won't get us shut down or arrested.

Pages have been set up on social networks for committed RubyFringers. Here are a few that we know of:
Facebook Group
Twitter Group
Google Group


We believe that the most important function of a geek conference is to encourage networking between smart people doing awesome stuff. We have plans to keep everyone engaged for the entire duration of the event, with several meals as well as after-hours socializing covered.

We want this to be a moment in time that people talk about for years to come.

Deep nerd tech with punk rock spirit.