What is included in the cost?

Lots of stuff! In addition to the obvious "being allowed into the conference" we're trying our best to make sure that all of your needs (and a few wants) are covered while you are our guests.

First off, there is entertainment provided on each night of the conference.

Friday: Opening night gala at Toronto's famous Amsterdam Brewery gallery, featuring live music, stand-up comedy... and an open bar with catering.

Saturday: Fancy dinner and cocktails at The Drake, followed by martini party at Whippersnapper Gallery. More details soon!

Sunday: Closing party at Unspace World HQ with still more food and drinks.

In addition, there will be public transportation passes provided.

There will be tasteful, quality swag.

Are all my meals included?

Breakfast and lunch are included for both Saturday and Sunday, along with coffee breaks during the event. Dinner will be served on the Saturday night. In other words, Friday and Sunday you will have to fetch your own dinner, although light food will be provided at evening functions.

Is this conference, you know, "serious"? Does it make sense for me to come on behalf of my employer?

Yes... hell yes. This weekend has been planned from the ground up to provide all signal and no noise. All of the speakers have been chosen for their unique insight into the technologies people using Ruby will be working with for the foreseeable future.

We're excited about having speakers like Zed Shaw, Obie Fernandez, and Reginald Braithwaite. We'll be given a window into the worlds of successful entrepreneurs like Leila Boujnane and Dan Grigsby.

Of great interest to us is Merb, the kickass web development framework that is proving to be a serious alternative to Rails. It's fast, thread-safe, and supports multiple database ORM layers including ActiveRecord. We have Ezra and Yehuda, the creators of Merb, coming to show us what's coming next.

We're quite proud to have the team leaders of all three major Ruby implementation efforts coming to talk about JRuby, IronRuby, and Rubinius. These efforts represent important milestones for developers working in a Java or .NET environment. Plus, if Rubinius reaches parity with the main Ruby project, it could become the preferred environment for the average Rubyist in the next year or two.

In addition, we've got a who's-who of smart minds coming to educate us about document databases (CouchDB), APIs for writing Ruby abstractions over web services (Ambition), and how to hook Ruby up to the phone network (Adhearsion).

How do I get to the events that are not taking place at the hotel?

We are arranging to provide public transportation passes for Friday and Saturday.

When will talk schedules be posted?

Due to the nature of the topics being presented, we plan on having the actual speaker schedule posted around the beginning of June.

Are you taking on volunteers?

Yes! We are accepting volunteer applications at present. Send an email to info@rubyfringe.com giving us your details on why you would be a good candidate.

How do I get the $140 room rate at the Metropolitan Hotel?

Upon confirmation of your registration, you will be receiving an email with details for reserving your discount accommodations.

When can I register with the hotel?

Now! Room supply is limited.

I've never been to Toronto and need advice!

We have set up a travel page with airport information, public transportation logistics, and other useful tidbits of information.

Who do I contact regarding....?

Media/Promotions: Pete Forde (pete@unspace.ca)

Proposals: RubyFringe Curators (proposals@rubyfringe.com)

All other RubyFringe inquiries: Meghann Millard (meghann@unspace.ca)

Do I have to be a Ruby expert to enjoy RubyFringe?

Many Rails developers don't know much Ruby at all, and we think they could follow along just fine. Some of the talks will be more technical than others. Everyone will learn a ton, including the speakers.

Where's Rails?

Rails already has lots of conferences. Clearly the focus of RubyFringe is on things that aren't Rails. However, we love Rails, and we've invited Tobi from the Rails core alumni to come and speak.

What's the nature of Unspace's involvement with this event?

We see ourselves as curators, and our job will be to set the stage for discourse and then stay out of the way. We love doing this stuff, and we love being a part of the Ruby community.

Who's the guy on the RubyFringe site?

That would be Charles Babbage. He was subversive, too.

Is it cold in Toronto in July?


Can I bring my Significant Other?

Yes! We are running an activity program for folks traveling to Toronto with you. We will provide sign-up and cost details soon.

Will there be wifi? Laptop power?

Yes! However, smart geeks bring power bars to conferences.

I'm a level four raw vegan!

Please let us know that when you register, and we'll keep you away from anything with a shadow.

Who are your keynote speakers?

Fight the system! We have no keynote speakers.