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Giles Bowkett

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Technologic is a series of curated monthly tech talks, along with a big, schmoozy party. We curate our speakers from all different facets of our industry from month–to–month, and encourage them to shoot from the hip and the heart about topics that inspire them. The same rule of candid and candor applies to the mixer, with all–inclusive drinks and nibbles provided to attendees.

What To Expect This Month

Giles Bowkett

Photo of Giles Bowkett Giles Bowkett is writing a book, in English and Ruby, called "Teaching The Robots To Sing." He is a programmer, an actor, a former forest dweller, a born city kid, a prolific and inventive self-describer, and a rare mineral found only in Poland & Wyoming. Programming in Ruby since 2005, he's been a speaker at over 20 conferences and user groups, is a certified hypnotherapist, with accolades like getting published in Wired at the tender age of 19 under his belt.

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Technologic happens at Unspace HQ. Go ahead and register because you can’t crash the joint.

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